Get the Best Quality Concrete Kerbing with Budget Kerbing WA

Kerbing, also known in some circles as concrete landscaping (concrete kerbing), is a form of exterior design. Concrete is used to border or outline the outer edges of such spaces as roads, home gardens or car parking spaces among others. There are other alternatives to concrete kerbing, like metal or plastic kerbing. Concrete kerbing is preferred due to a number of reasons that include its durability, ease of use and the fact that it can be moulded in a variety of shapes and designs. Budget Kerbing WA is one of the couple of companies offering the best concrete kerbing services in Western Australia.

Budget Kerbing WA

About the Company

This company is located in 24 Goldsmith Rd Claremont, Perth in Western Australia. The company has been in operation since 1995. With an overwhelming majority of start-up companies failing in less than five years of operation, Budget Kerbing WA could probably be one concrete kerbing company making good on its promise to deliver great service. Their motto says it all: do it better than any other kerbing company in Perth.

Reasons to Choose the Service

This company offers a range of concrete kerbing services under its two main categories: Commercial and domestic kerbing. Domestic kerbing includes garden kerbing (garden curbing) while commercial kerbing includes kerbing for shopping centres, shut-down and maintenance areas and road kerbing (road curbing). The company says it would also carry out kerbing repairs and landscaping services for clients as of this writing.

Budget Kerbing WA, as seen on the company’s official website, points out the over 15 concrete kerbing projects it has successfully completed for a number of notable clients. Some of Budget Kerbing WA projects of note include the Rockingham railway landscape kerbing project for Briety Contracting/Doric Construction. The DME Contracting’s Champions Lakes development, Burswood Casino and the concrete garden bed edging of shires of Belmont and Victoria Par have also had the company’s experience over the course of its 19 years of strong service.

The company offers some of the industry’s most competent kerbing and kerbing repairs rates; the overall cost is dependent on a client’s specific needs. A price quote can be obtained via a price quote portal on the company’s website. It is also encouraging to know the company provides skip bins and landscape around the kerbing it puts in. In addition, the company employs special, high quality mix of cement to cement in its projects seeing that most residential, amusement park or industrial clientele seek a long-term solution to their concrete garden edging or commercial kerbing needs.

A good budget kerbing company will offer a variety of designs, colours, shapes and styles to choose from while at the same time keeping tabs with the main purpose of the installation. This includes directing, decreasing or blocking out water run-off, beautifying gardens, swimming pools and amusement parks to carving out car parking areas, under-construction areas and school playgrounds.

The experience that this company has had in the concrete kerbing field is a pointer to its service’s delivery prowess. With over 1500 km being developed by the company annually, including the upcoming Thiess Services project in Belmont, it is safe to entrust Budget Kerbing WA serving your commercial and garden kerbing needs. It is highly recommendable that one visits the company website,, for more information into their services.